Trainees and Trainer at Orion Sports Medicine

Success is Contagious

“My experiences at Orion Sports Medicine have been amazing. I absolutely love the encouraging environment and the coaches are incredible. During my time training here, I have been able to improve my lifting technique for gymnastics and track and field and am excited to see where I can go from here.”

Izabella O.

“After my daughter Charlotte tore her ACL, we knew she would require some return to sport training. The staff at OSM specializes in taking an athlete through the whole process. The results have been amazing and she continues to train with Bob and Nick today. I highly recommend this organization not only because of their incredible knowledge in sports medicine, but the training environment is extremely challenging and fun. Dr. Shane Page is also one of the best physical therapists working with athletes at all levels.”

Elaine Ruble / Fitness Client and Mother of 2 OSM Athletes

“Orion Sports Medicine has been the best experience for me to train during the off-season when I’m home. They are very professional, and their knowledge about the body and how it relates to sport specific performance is incredible. However, the most important thing is the family atmosphere at OSM. The people who work for OSM are just great people, who also happen to be great at what they do. I’m looking forward to continuing my work at OSM next summer, and in the future!”

AJ Pacher / Professional Basketball Player in Italy

“The sports injury that I have recently experienced has been overwhelming to say the least. From playing a variety of sports 7 days a week to none at all has been very difficult. From the first day I walked into Orion Sports, I have gained confidence each session that one day I’ll return to the athlete I once was. Any athlete would be happy to experience therapy here from just the environment itself and the staff. It has been a comfortable, great experience through a difficult time in life.”

Zach H / Physical Therapy Patient since Feb '19
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