Athlete Group Training

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Athlete Small Groups are designed for all athletes (boys and girls) and will help increase strength, speed, and overall athleticism. We use evidence based practices and exercises to ensure progress with all athletes, no matter their training background.

STRENGTH – OSM Small Groups train athletes to be stronger and more stable at all levels of sport. Proper strength training technique and exercise selection are crucial in decreasing injury risk and maximizing performance. OSM Small Groups will educate your athlete on perfect exercise technique and form so that your athlete can use this knowledge outside of the facility. Grab some friends and build your small group training today!

SPEED – OSM classes will train athletes to develop elite speed and agility. Speed training is a balance of sharpening technique and creating explosive muscle patterns.

BASKETBALL – We train your mind and body to work together on the court. With years of training experience at the professional level, we will bring you the exercises, drills, and instruction you need to accomplish your goals.

BASEBALL – OSM works with baseball athletes through a spectrum of training ages, from recreational teams to college and professional players. Train with our baseball specific trainers to up your game now.

GIRLS WEIGHTLIFTING – This class is created specifically for females interested in learning to life safely and effectively. Weightlifting and resistance training is an integral and essential part of human performance and general wellness, especially in young females.

COVID 19 UPDATE – Class capacity has been reduced from 8 to 5. Athletes must wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility. All athletes must complete the COVID questionnaire and have their temperature taken upon entry into the facility. Athletes must register for the class ahead of time, walk-ins will not be allowed.