1 on 1 Training

The Orion Assessment

OSM 1 on 1 Training Programs begin with a comprehensive physical assessment by a board certified sports specialist. This assessment includes bio-mechanical, functional, and clinical tests and informs our team. We then combine the assessment results, your personal goals, and our professional knowledge to carefully design a program that is suited specifically for you.

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Personal Training with OSM

Training with OSM begins with correcting the weaknesses that are found in the assessment to create a good base of knowledge. These corrections in movement and muscular patterns will decrease the chances of injury when moving forward to more advanced exercises. After covering the basics, your trainer will progress your training at a pace that is both comfortable for you and lines up with your goals. Some common goals that we see are:

  • Increase Athleticism
  • Increase Strength and Speed
  • Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Weight Loss and Gain
  • Increased Cardiovascular Health