Julie Woeste

“I discovered Orion when I had an injury that required physical therapy. Due to my schedule I met a few PT specialist (Yury & Shane) and was never disappointed. Each is very well educated, experienced and a great listener. Both had a great way of explaining answers to my many questions of “what” and “why”. Their interest in helping me, was motivating. The simple things really turned out to be an important part of my recovery process. I would (and have) highly recommended Orion to anyone with physical therapy needs. My journey with Orion did not stop after I completed my physical therapy. Next I was introduced to Orion Sports Medicine.

“I keep myself active and not one that loves to go to the gym. In my mind doing the PT exercises was plenty but it really wasn’t enough to keep my whole-self in shape. I was hesitate to jump back into working out on my own. That’s when I was introduced to Orion Sports Medicine personal training. In true Orion spirit, each trainer is well educated and focused on my individual needs. When I met Nick, he understood my physical structure, limitations and goals. Each week he designed a workout to get me back in shape without being bored. I now look forward to my workouts and enjoy the family atmosphere of Orion. I don’t walk away so sore that I couldn’t move the next day but feel like I had a good workout. As a female, age 60 something, the balance Nick created in the exercises is working! I’ve lost weight, started toning up, feel better and am feeling/seeing results. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.”